Ice Machine Spotlight: Vogt

Among the various Orlando ice machine services offered at All Temp, we gladly recommend, install, maintain, and repair Vogt products. This company is an industry leader known for producing high-quality machines that meet our even higher standards. A Long History

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Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Program

Opting for a preventative maintenance program for your refrigeration or freezer unit can often cut costs in the long run, Discover the benefits of these preventative maintenance programs, and sign up for one with All Temp. What the Programs Include

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The 4 Most Common Problems with Your Commercial Refrigerator

Get familiar with the most common issues regarding commercial refrigeration units so you can spot them early. The sooner you notice a problem the sooner you can take care of it. Additionally, by being aware of the common issues, you

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Cleaning Your Walk-In Cooler or Freezer

As part of your routine maintenance, you must take time to clean your walk in cooler or freezer on a regular basis. Cleaning the cooler is essential not simply for sanitation reasons, but as a way to prevent the need

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Would Your Refrigerator Pass a Health Inspection?

As a restaurant owner, it is crucial that every aspect of your restaurant passes a health inspection. For those concerned about making the grade, keep in mind the following advice and make any necessary changes. Make Sure It Maintains the

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What to Know When Looking for a Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Your company’s search for a pharmaceutical refrigeration unit will unveil numerous options. Although the appliances serve the same general function, the requirements for a refrigerator used to store medications are unique in comparison to those for food. Here’s what to

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Choosing the Right Ice Shape for Your Business Needs

Before buying an ice machine, you should take the time to consider what shape of ice is ideal for your business. Each company has different needs as various shapes of ice work best for specific uses. To make it easier

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Starting a New Restaurant: What Do You Need?

Starting a new restaurant is both exciting and overwhelming; suddenly, you need to buy a wide range of items, from ingredients to tableware to quality refrigeration. If you’re wondering where to start, worry no longer: our experts are here to

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How to Clean Refrigerator Condenser Coils

Wipe down the shelves? Check. Scrub the doors till your face shines in it? Check. But what about cleaning your refrigerator’s condenser coils? While you might do a great job of frequently cleaning the rest of your unit, it’s important

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Troubleshoot Manitowoc Ice Machines

Cold, refreshing drinks; chilled wine; delicious steaks. All of these and more depend on your business using reliable, high-quality ice machines, so if you notice an issue with your Manitowoc Ice Machine, don’t panic. Check out some of our basic

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