4 Benefits of Smart Refrigerators

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Most people associate smart devices with personal use. However, smart refrigerators can benefit restaurants and cafes just as much as they benefit families. Smart refrigerators have the most up-to-date technology both online and offline. This makes them more friendly to the environment and the user. Here are some of the benefits smart refrigerators can have in regard to Kissimmee refrigeration for your business:

Remote Monitoring and Control

The main benefit of smart refrigerators is the ability to check on them from anywhere at any time. By syncing with an app, a smart refrigerator allows remote monitoring and control. Cameras show you what’s inside, so you can always see exactly what you need to order. Temperature settings can be changed from the app, too. If you forget to set the temperature lower after hours, the fix is just a tap away.

Voice Commands

Depending on the model of smart refrigerator you have, you can use your voice to record information or even activate features. Anything from a list of items to order or buy to a new recipe you want to try can be conveniently stored through voice commands. There’s no need to touch the refrigerator, which is huge in a commercial kitchen where sanitation is a top priority. You can set temperatures, set reminders and more without ever lifting a finger. 

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Reduce Food Waste

Some smart refrigerators utilize a camera to keep inventory of expiration dates, as well as setting reminders when those dates are coming up. When the door is left open, which can often happen when employees are rushing around, the refrigerator will send you a notification. Additionally, you can leave notes for staff members, using the screen as a virtual whiteboard to help promote best practices for food storage. 

Control Other Smart Devices

In the same way smart refrigerators send information to smartphones, they can interact with other smart devices. Being able to control every smart device from a centralized location simplifies the process, especially for employees who are frequently running from one side of the building to the other. Setting up your restaurant like a smart home with devices like a smart thermostat and a smart refrigerator can make life much easier for you and your staff.

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