The 4 Most Common Problems with Your Commercial Refrigerator

Get familiar with the most common issues regarding commercial refrigeration units so you can spot them early. The sooner you notice a problem the sooner you can take care of it. Additionally, by being aware of the common issues, you can take active steps to prevent them in the future.

Power-Related Problems

Some of the most common commercial refrigeration problems are directly linked to the power supply. If you notice the unit is not cooling properly or not powering up at all, try some basic troubleshooting. Start by confirming that no one accidentally switched off the power or unplugged the power cord. If everything looks right, confirm that the ground wires and outlet wiring are active. You can also confirm there is voltage with a voltage detector. When all else fails, hire an expert.

Compressor Issues

Any time the compressor in your commercial refrigerator has a problem, the unit will not cool properly. Start by confirming the last time you cleaned the compressor and works properly. In the case of a fridge that freezes up, confirm that the evaporator fan works properly. Turn off the unit so the ice evaporates, then clean out the evaporator coils and drain lines.

Temperature Fluctuations

A range of temperature-related problems can impact your refrigerator or any other commercial unit, including fluctuations or the inability to cool properly. When this happens, start by examining the unit. Make sure it is not directly against the wall- there should be enough room for air to circulate. Confirm that the gasket is functional and the door seals completely when shut. You may also want to check that the temperature gauge is accurate; the refrigeration unit may maintain temperature without a problem but your gauge doesn’t tell you this.

Lighting Glitches

Not all common refrigerator problems directly affect the unit’s ability to cool. If the lights stop working, see if you need to replace the bulb. When changing the bulb, always confirm you use one approved by the manufacturer so you don’t burn out your electrical sockets.

Whether or not you know the reason for your Orlando refrigeration problems, our team at All Temp can resolve it. Just give us a call to make an appointment and we will diagnose and repair your unit. Orlando businesses can call 407-857-7800 for an appointment.

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