4 Myths About Ice Machines

Common myths about ice machines can cause people to forget regular maintenance, routine cleaning, and proper use. After reading through these four most common myths, you will be better prepared to care for all of your equipment and serve better, cleaner ice.

Myth 1: Ice Machines Don’t Grow Fungi or Bacteria

Some believe that ice machines cannot grow fungi or bacteria because of the low temperature. However, cold temperatures will not kill fungi or bacteria, it will only slow their growth. If left untreated, buildup can expand and lead to loss of performance, decreased efficiency, equipment fouling, malfunction, and even complete contamination.

Myth 2: You Can Use Your Hands

Even if your hands are clean, do not use them to remove ice cubes. This is the most significant culprit to introducing bacteria. Instead, opt for a stainless steel scoop stored in a frequently cleaned location.

Myth 3: You Should Return Unused Ice

Returning extra, unused ice to the machine may seem eco-friendly, but in reality, this is very unsafe. You should never put the unused ice back in the device because the second it leaves, the ice becomes exposed to bacteria which puts the machine at risk of contamination.

Myth 4: Your Ice Machine Doesn’t Require Cleaning

Another common myth is that it isn’t necessary to clean a working ice machine. Some believe that since the appliance only comes in contact with water and the stainless steel scoop, it is always clean. However, skipping cleaning and regular maintenance can lead to a serious problem, so it’s important to deep clean the ice machine at least twice a year. Sanitization prevents the growth of fungus, bacteria, and corrosion. In fact, cleaning the machine is the single best method of stopping bacterial growth.

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