4 Tips for Commercial Refrigeration Safety

commercial refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration systems need to run seamlessly to avoid hazards to employees and customers. Keeping the area around refrigerators, freezers and walk-in coolers clear can help create a safe working environment. Like any piece of heavy equipment, refrigerators and freezers need to be maintained to run efficiently. Here are our tips for commercial refrigeration safety:

Look for Leaks

Standing water from fridge leaks is a twofold issue. Standing water can cause slips and falls for staff, as well as bacteria growth that can harm the stored food. As soon as you determine that your refrigerator has a leak, call a professional commercial refrigeration company for repairs. Before your appointment, clean up existing pools of water, and plug up the spot that’s leaking. 

Replace Damaged Parts

Broken parts in walk-in coolers can have serious consequences, like employees getting trapped. This is rare but still happens too frequently despite built-in safety measures like door handles on inside and outside doors. Additionally, thermometers on all refrigerators and freezers need to show accurate temperatures, or food will become susceptible to spoilage or over-freezing, as well as freezer burn. 


Keep the Fans Running

Fans on the inside and outside of your refrigerator need to be unobstructed so they can efficiently push hot air out. When heat isn’t removed, the machine needs to go into overdrive to maintain its temperature, which will lead to ineffective operation and expensive repairs down the road. If you start noticing new noises coming from your fans, it might be time to consider repairs or replacement.

Hire Pros for Maintenance

Have a professional commercial refrigeration service company come by your business at least once a year to inspect your system. If your system requires maintenance, this is when you’ll find out, and the inspector will be able to help you get repairs scheduled. Refrigerators have many parts that need to work perfectly, such as drain lines, condenser coils, door seals and evaporator coils. A professional technician will know exactly what each part needs to perform to its best ability.

All Temp is here to help with commercial St. Cloud refrigeration maintenance. We also offer 24/7 emergency repair. Contact us online or give us a call at (407) 857-7800 to schedule an appointment.

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