5 Common Spring HVAC Issues

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In springtime, plants that lay dormant in the winter come alive. This makes for great nature walks in the park but causes problems for Kissimmee air conditioning systems. While these issues aren’t exclusive to the spring season, the changes that come with it do amplify them. Here are some of the most common problems you may encounter with your HVAC system during spring:

Clogged Filters

Air filters are essential components of HVAC systems, and they’re the part that requires the most maintenance. They’re also the easiest part for homeowners to maintain, but they’re often ignored. It’s easy not to think about AC filters when your system appears to be running well. However, if these filters are left alone, they eventually clog up and cause major damage. This overworks the outdoor condenser and increases pressure on ducts, which results in leaks. On average, air filters should be replaced every 2-3 months, possibly more if you have pets or airborne allergies.

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Debris Caught in Condenser

In a perfect world, your condenser would be placed away from trees and other plants. However, they’re usually placed around or under trees. Branches and limbs frequently get caught in the fans of these outdoor units, then break off and fall in. To prevent this, try to make sure no branches are hanging directly over the unit, and clear out the area often. Depending on the surroundings, it might be necessary to clean out the area once every few weeks. There shouldn’t be any debris within a few feet of condensers if you want the system to run efficiently. 

Dirty Coils

Most AC systems contain two sets of coils, and each one carries out important tasks. Indoor evaporator coils collect dust and dander. When they become dirty, the system will struggle to regulate your home’s temperature. To avoid buildup, we recommend having them cleaned twice a year during routine maintenance appointments. Outdoor condenser units, which release heat to the outside, also have coils. Inclement weather can cause them to become clogged with mud and other grime. These can be cleaned out simply by using a garden hose. 


Damaged Ducts

Air conditioning ducts aren’t the prettiest thing to have on display. Therefore, they’re usually hidden in an attic or crawl space. This causes them to become damaged or clogged without anyone noticing. When ducts are damaged, you might notice a sudden hike in your electric bill. Another sign of damage is needing to keep the HVAC system on at all times to maintain a comfortable temperature. Dust and dander are two major culprits that cause issues over time. If your ducts become clogged, get a professional duct cleaning done. You’ll want to make sure it’s done right and by someone with the proper equipment to do it safely. 

Refrigerant Leaks

The good news is, if you have a modern AC system, it should be sealed and never leak. If you find leaks, there are probably major issues that cause warm air to come out, loud noises and bad smells. A refrigerant leak or a large water leak is a clear sign that something is wrong and needs to be fixed right away. Water can drip from coils on the outdoor unit, which is fine as long as it’s just a little bit. The worst case scenario is a refrigerant leak.

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