5 Tips for Cleaning Your Commercial Refrigerator

Proper cleaning and maintenance ensures your commercial refrigerator continues to run smoothly. By incorporating these practices suggested by the experts at All Temp, your commercial refrigerator is more likely to remain clean, run properly, and last longer.

Take Care of Spills Right Away

Whenever there is a spill or mess within your unit, clean it immediately and instruct your employees to do the same. Containing spills quickly helps you and your employees avoid any contamination that results in a replacement or repair. Our team at All Temp has provided repairs that turned into replacements due to spills left too long, which is why you should aim to clean and sanitize when fresh, rather than waiting for them to dry.

Dust Off the Cooled Air Condenser Cable

Everyone knows to clean the interior of your commercial refrigerator, but often overlooks the exterior. The cooled air condenser cable accumulates debris and dust over time, forcing the refrigerator to work harder to function correctly and maintain its temperature. Dusting off the wire can prevent the need to replace it and lower your energy bills as well. Just wipe it off once a week.

Check the Gaskets and Seals

As you clean your commercial refrigerator, pay special attention to the door gaskets and seals. These areas are more likely to accumulate build-up that can lead to stickiness, clogs, or bacteria. If the seal becomes clogged, you will need repair services as the machine will lose its ability to insulate which will increase overall energy consumption.

Use the Right Cleaning Solutions

The cleaning solutions you use are just as important as the cleaning itself. It’s imperative to avoid harsh chemicals on units with poor ventilation. Any active substance will linger for days, which can contaminate stored foods or medicines, posing a risk to both your stock and your employees.

Confirm Temperatures Daily

As part of your daily cleaning routine, check the unit’s temperature. A stable temperature indicates everything is functioning properly and confirms your food is secure. On the other hand, any fluctuation can indicate a potential problem that requires immediate attention.

If you need assistance with cleaning, cleaning, or other Orlando refrigeration services, contact All Temp. Visit our website or call us at (844)695-2900 to ensure your appliances are clean and run smoothly.

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