5 Tips For Organizing A Commercial Fridge Or Freezer


Due to its size, it is important to keep a commercial fridge or freezer organized. The benefit of an organized unit allows you and your employees to find everything promptly, which in turn, increases productivity and minimizes the number of time employees spend in the cold environment. To keep your Orlando walk in cooler organized, follow these helpful tips from All Temp.

  1. Use The Right Shelves
    All Orlando walk-in cooler systems will need to have shelves of some sort to keep items organized, but you shouldn’t just buy any shelf. The ones you select should be safe for use with food as well as able to withstand the cold temperatures of the fridge or freezer. You should also opt for an epoxy coating that can withstand regular cleaning.
  2. Place The Shelves Properly
    In addition to choosing the ideal shelves for your commercial fridge or freezer, you need to set them in the right way. You always want to make sure the lowest shelves are a minimum of six inches from the ground. This makes cleaning underneath the shelves significantly easier and prevents pests and dirt from contaminating the food. When placing the shelf, you also need to allow for air circulation. The best way to do this is to maintain three inches or more between all items, which is enough to let them cool evenly.
  3. Labels Are Everything
    The title of this tip says it all; everything in your Orlando walk-in cooler should be labeled. You can never have too many labels regarding food storage since you don’t want to make any mistakes when in a rush. Remember to include the date as well as the name of the item on the label so it is evident when items need to be tossed and which foods should be used up first. To help with this, get in the habit of placing new items towards the back of the shelves, so older items are used first.
  4. What To Put On The Bottom Shelves
    If your fridge or freezer is used to store raw meat along with other ingredients, that meat should always be on the lowest shelves. This is a simple precaution to minimize the risk of liquid from these items dripping down and contaminating other food items. Of course, everything in the fridge should be covered, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Once the meat is cooked, the risk of dripping liquids is gone, and the meat can be stored anywhere.
  5. Placing The Produce
    Just like raw meat has a designated place in your commercial fridge, so does produce. If you put the produce too close to the fans of the cooler, they may be at risk of damage. Avoid this by storing them safely away from the sources of ventilation.

For help with all your Orlando walk in cooler needs, including finding the right refrigerator, contact All Temp.

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