5 Tips to Prevent Mold Growth

After installing Tampa commercial refrigeration, you must do your best to maintain the structure itself as well as the items kept inside. If mold begins growing, you will have to throw out all of the food or other products, losing your business money. Instead of taking that risk, follow these tips to keep your refrigerator mold-free.


Keep Condensation to a Minimum

Since mold thrives in moist environments, the most important step to preventing it is eliminating condensation in your commercial refrigerator. Anytime there is additional moisture in the air, the humidity level rises. Mold does best in areas with at least 70 percent humidity, so you want to keep this to a minimum. To reduce condensation, ensure your refrigerator doesn’t contain any standing water. To further prevent moisture, clean up spilled foods or liquids immediately.


Remember Light Causes Heat

To keep the temperature within the commercial fridge stable, ensure you turn off the lights whenever you shut the door. Bear in mind that light causes heat and this can affect the cooler’s ambient temperature, encouraging mold growth.


Always Close the Doors

Leaving the doors to your commercial refrigerator open can lead to a range of issues. One of the main problems can be letting exterior air inside the unit. This exterior air can change the humidity and temperature within the cooler, making it nearly impossible to control. When those factors are outside of your control, you have no actions to take against the moisture. Additionally, open doors can even let mold spores directly enter the unit.


Make Sure the Ventilation Works Properly

With proper airflow within your commercial refrigeration unit, excess moisture will dry up. Since those water particles lead to mold, ensuring the appliance has good airflow stops this green substance from growing. The best way to ensure proper ventilation is to maintain your fans, evaporator, and condensing coil. Have a refrigeration professional check these components for you regularly. At a minimum, you should clean the evaporator and condenser unit twice each year. You should also dust the fan blades regularly, ensuring they are free from debris and dust.


Clean and Dry Thoroughly Before Long-Term Shut Downs

It can be harder to control mold if you will not be using the refrigerator for several days. Any time you turn off the unit for more than a day, it is necessary to clean it thoroughly to prevent mold. In this case, leave the doors open until it has dried completely. In fact, you should only close the doors following a thorough clean when you are ready to use the refrigerator again.


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