6 Signs Your Commercial Refrigeration Unit Needs Repair


Just like any other appliance in your business, your commercial refrigerator will need occasional repairs and maintenance to continue to function correctly. By learning to recognize the signs of an issue, you can have the unit repaired quickly before the damage spreads, or product becomes damaged. Be on the lookout for these warnings that you need Tampa commercial refrigeration repair.

  1. Refrigerant Leaking
    The refrigerant is a fluid that siphons heat from your refrigerator and ventilates it outside, continuously recycling the liquid. If there is a leak, the system will eventually drain, reducing the fridge’s ability to cool. If not caught, the entire commercial fridge will eventually break down. Because of this, any time you see fluid dripping out of your fridge, you should have repairs done immediately.
  2. Odd Noises
    Your commercial refrigerator will always make noises, but not all of these are good. You should be aware of the various sounds your fridge makes during normal operation so you can recognize any unusual ones. Anytime you notice your refrigerator making a sound it doesn’t typically produce, contact a repair specialist. This likely indicates some problem that only a professional can diagnose and repair.
  3. Not Staying Cool
    Although hopefully a clear sign that you need to have your commercial refrigeration unit looked at, it is still worth mentioning to watch out for it not working at peak. If the fridge can’t cool as well as it used to, then something is wrong, and only an expert will be able to tell what the issue is.
  4. Spoiled Product
    An excellent indication that your commercial refrigeration unit needs to be looked at by a professional is if the product inside is going bad before it should. Because everything inside the fridge should be labeled with the date, you can check the date to confirm whether or not it is going bad quicker than anticipated. Sometimes, adjusting a few settings may resolve the issue, but if this doesn’t work, you need your fridge looked at by a professional.
  5. Increased Energy Bills
    Sometimes the change in your commercial refrigerator’s ability to keep items cool may not be noticeable to you or your staff. In this case, you will likely notice an increase in your energy bill instead. While there are many appliances in businesses that may lead to a higher than average electricity bill, the fridge is likely to be a culprit and should be inspected.
  6. Damaged or Worn Gaskets
    Any issue with the gaskets, or the seal along the doors of the fridge, will require repairs. Whether the gaskets are worn or damaged, cold air will be escaping from the refrigerator, making the appliance significantly less efficient. Not only do you end up paying more on your electric bills if this happens, but because your fridge is working harder, it won’t last as long.

Anytime you suspect you need Tampa commercial refrigeration repairs, contact All Temp for our professionals to take a look at your appliance.

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