7 Ways to Save Energy with Your Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer

One of your goals as a business owner or manager is saving money, and cutting energy use is an excellent way to do this. With the proper Orlando refrigeration and freezing, you achieve a drop in your electricity bill, increasing your profit margin. As a bonus, saving energy also allows your company to minimize its impact on the planet.


  • Select the Best Units


The very first and simplest step to saving energy is choosing the correct refrigerator and freezer units. Always opt for an appliance that is ENERGY STAR certified when possible. Compared to standard models, these units are 20 percent more efficient on average due to their specially-designed components.


  • Check the Space Around the Refrigeration System


When first setting up your refrigeration system, ensure that there is sufficient space around it. Doing so allows for good airflow on the heat exchange coils, which in turn will reduce the quantity of energy that gets wasted.


  • Use Anti-Sweat Heaters Wisely


Most refrigeration units come with anti-sweat heaters. While useful, they can also use a significant amount of energy. Avoid this problem by only turning them on if the conditions lead to condensation on your display doors. You can find adaptive controls for the heaters that will allow them to turn on or off based on necessity.


  • Use Motion Sensors for Light


While installing adaptive controls, consider adding motion sensors for the lighting system within your freezer. This way, the lights will automatically turn on when necessary. The rest of the time, they will be off, saving you energy.


  • Keep the System Clean


The refrigeration system should always be clean for basic sanitation reasons, but this also helps conserve energy. A system that is clean as well as free from dust will experience improved heat transfer. Pay close attention to the coils when cleaning.


  • Confirm Condition of Gaskets


On a regular basis, examine your door’s auto closers as well as gaskets to ensure they are in good condition. When either component does not work correctly, humid air that is warm may enter the refrigeration compartments. That warm air will waste energy as the refrigeration has to work harder to make up for it and it can also cause spoiled food.


  • Get Night Curtains


If your business has open cases, invest in a set of night curtains. These curtains sit out of the way during the day and get pulled closed at night when your business hours are over. When shut, the night curtains prevent refrigerated air from leaving the unit, which would cause the system to work harder and use more energy.
Now that you have an idea of how to save energy with your freezer and refrigerator choices, you should contact your Orlando refrigeration company to put these ideas into action. We can help you set up your kitchen and storage space in an energy-efficient manner with efficient units.

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