Air Cooled vs. Water Cooled Ice Machines

Picking the right type of ice machines can be the difference between a smoothly operating business and a water crisis. When it comes time to choosing between air cooled and water cooled ice machines, you need to be armed with the facts.  All Temp, experts in Orlando ice machine services, can help you pick which machine is right for you.

Air Cooled Ice Machines
These ice machines suck in the air surrounding them, which then circulates around their condenser coils. After it has successfully circulated the internal systems, it is vented back out of the machine and either into the room it’s placed in or outside via a tube.


  • Only requires the surrounding cool air to function. If the air conditioning is good in the room where it’s placed, it’ll work as needed.
  • Air cooled ice machines are energy efficient and do not pollute or waste resources to perform.
  • Tubing can be attached to these units in order to redirect where all the hot, recycled air is going


  • If there isn’t an efficient cooling system around the machine, the air will get hot.
  • In an effort to keep the recycled hot air from lowering the temperature of the ice machine, the coils can overwork, resulting in burnout.
  • Electrical costs to keep this machine running when air filtration isn’t efficient will rise.

Water Cooled Ice Machines
A water cooled ice machine filters water through the condenser coils, making it a lot more efficient on a technical level. With a water line connected to the ice machine, there is less chance for overtaxing the appliance with heat.


  • Heat does not get produced and spread throughout the room in which the machine is located.
  • This machine lasts longer and is less prone to burnout thanks to the constant stream of cool water.
  • Uses less electricity than the air cooled ice machines.


  • Water is one-use only. This means that the water is continuously pouring out, which can be very expensive.
  • Because of the water waste, this is not an energy efficient machine.
  • Some cities and states outright don’t allow these systems because of shortages of water or the environmental impact.

For your commercial property, it’ll definitely take some research to decide which of these machines will work best for you. Take into consideration your location and if your city has restrictions against certain energy resources. Also, take into consideration the build of your establishment and see about potentially creating tubing for filtering recycled air. The Orlando ice machine services experts at All Temp are eager to answer your questions and help in any way they can, so contact us today!

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