Air Filters: Reusable or Disposable

Have you ever wondered what the differences between reusable and disposable air filters are? At All Temp, air installation professionals located in St. Cloud, we can walk you through which filter is recommended for your system. 

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Reusable air filters are considerably cheaper than disposable air filters. Disposable filters cost roughly $15 per filter, but simply buying in bulk can lead to cost savings. On the other hand, reusable filters are roughly $75 each. However, because the reusable air filter is washable, the cost will most likely even out in the long run. By the time you need to replace a reusable filter, you will most likely have spent upwards of $75 on disposable filters. So while reusable ones cost more upfront, they are typically cheaper in the long run. 

Maintenance and Replacement

Both reusable and disposable air filters require regular maintenance. With disposable filters, they need to be replaced every one to three months. With reusable air filters, they need to be cleaned on a similar schedule; however, it takes more time and energy to clean them. If you’re looking for quick and easy, disposable air filters will better fit your needs. 

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No matter if they’re washable or disposable, all air filters are required to have a minimum efficiency reporting rating (MERV). The scale ranges from one to 20, with filters lower on the scale being less efficient at removing contaminants from the air. Washable filters tend to fall lower on the scale than disposable filters, but it’s recommended to check each filter for its individual rating.  

Performance and Reliability

While both types of filters are reliable, disposable air filters are generally regarded as being higher performance. Washable filters are typically only able to capture under 75 percent of indoor pollutants, while disposable filters are able to catch upwards of 95 percent. 

When it comes to deciding between reusable and disposable air filters, it’s best to compare and contrast in relation to your needs. However, if you want a filter that is easy to maintain and guaranteed to be reliable, we recommend opting for a disposable air filter. If you have any questions about which air filter is best for you, contact All Temp, air installation professionals located in St. Cloud.

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