All About: Retail Refrigeration

When it comes to picking out the best refrigeration for your retail establishment, you might think your options are limited. However, commercial refrigeration allows for complete customization of your store, kitchen, or space. All Temp, the Orlando refrigeration experts, have your guide to buying retail refrigeration units.

Back Bar Cooler
This versatile piece of equipment is perfect for keeping items within reach. Anything from canned goods to juice, garnishes, and creams can be kept at the ideal temperature.

Bottle Cooler
If you need to store beer or wine, a bottle cooler is the perfect place! This refrigeration unit allows for top access.

Cold Food Wells
Varying in size and pan capacity, cold food wells allow you to keep chilled items at your fingertips.

Curve Glass Display Cases
Showcasing your products is easy with a curved glass display case.

Dual Temp Combo Units
This unit is a great way to save space! Separate sections allow for both cooling and freezing.

Floral Cases
Don’t limit this unit to just flowers; the softer lighting and gentle fan makes floral cases perfect to store wine in.

A staple in any kitchen, your freezer size should be determined on how much space you have and how much food you need to store.

Ice Cream Merchandisers
This unit allows easy access to grab-and-go items like ice cream cones, burritos, or popsicles.

Keg Coolers
As any bar or brewery knows, draft beer needs to be kept at a certain temperature. Customize your keg cooler with the number of taps you need.

Merchandisers can store a variety of products — from wine to cakes to pies. When purchasing, you need to ask yourself three questions. “What will be stored in it?” “How accessible do you need it to be?” and “How much room you have to store it?”

Pizza Prep Tables
Ideal for pizzerias, sandwiches, and sub shops, this unit lets you keep your ingredients cooled and provides a prep station.

Similar to freezers, you need to keep in mind how much space you have and how much food you need to store when purchasing.

Walk-In Refrigerators/Freezers
For establishments that need a large amount of food storage, a walk-in cooler or refrigerator is the best choice.

If you’re unsure of what unit is best for you, contact the Orlando refrigeration pros at All Temp! Give us a call at (813) 630-9400 or send us a message online.

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