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Our All Temp team serves several industries throughout Orlando with refrigeration and air conditioning needs. We serve businesses that require commercial refrigeration, and we offer commercial and residential air conditioning services. Here are some of the industries our company serves: 

Restaurant Refrigeration

If you run a restaurant, there’s always a long list of things to be done. When it comes to refrigeration, we have you covered. We help with every stage of refrigeration, from picking out the perfect units to installation to maintenance and repair. Walk-in coolers, freezers and standard refrigerators are all in our wheelhouse. Our priority is keeping your food inventory safe. Our well-trained technicians know about all brands and have the expertise to fix any issue. With our 24/7 emergency services, get the peace of mind that we’ll even address those issues that come up after hours.

Retail Refrigeration

In Florida’s constant hot weather, refrigeration units need to work hard to keep your inventory fresh. Money spent on these systems tends to equate to over half of the energy used in one location. Therefore, it’s important to keep your equipment routinely maintained by professionals. We are equipped to handle all types of commercial refrigeration units, from flower storage to drink displays. We conduct maintenance and repair sudden problems that arise. Save money on costly repairs and loss of product by keeping up with your refrigeration system’s needs.

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Medical Refrigeration

For storage of vaccines, blood samples, medications and similar items, medical refrigeration is a necessity. We service healthcare organizations like laboratories, biomedical facilities, veterinarians and pharmacies.  All Temp spares no expense, ensuring that medical refrigeration units are installed with the most up-to-date equipment so they can run reliably for as long as possible. We tailor our agreements to fit the specific needs of each business. Some services we provide include deep cleaning, maintaining coolant levels and fixing old gaskets. We help you maintain your equipment so you can avoid losing valuable medication and overpaying for electrical costs.

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Residential and Commercial HVAC

With Florida’s intense weather, there’s rarely a time when the HVAC system at any home or business is not running. Our team starts by helping you choose the right HVAC unit. We help determine which system has the proper size, type, and features for your space. Then, we provide maintenance. Waiting until your system has a critical issue, rather than keeping it maintained, can lead to expensive repairs. Our well-trained technicians check thermostats, drains, and problems they’ve noticed during maintenance. We offer once a year check-ups to avoid expensive repairs or consuming more energy than needed due to an inefficient system. 

Our All Temp team is here to help with commercial Orlando refrigeration and residential and commercial HVAC maintenance. We also offer 24/7 emergency repair. Contact us online or give us a call at (407) 857-7800 to schedule an appointment.

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