Benefits Behind the Different Types of Commercial Refrigerator


It doesn’t take long to realize that there are multiple types of Orlando commercial refrigeration units to choose from, each of which will appeal to a different type of business. Each type has its own set of benefits that make it more appealing and examining these is the best way to figure out which type of commercial fridge is right for your company.

Reach-In Refrigerators
The biggest advantage of reach-in refrigerators is that you and your employees can reach every item inside with ease. These are closest to the traditional fridge style that you likely have in your home, but are designed with commercial capabilities. This type of commercial refrigeration also has perhaps the widest range of accessories available, helping it work for a variety of companies.

Mini Reach-Ins
Some commercial fridges will be much smaller versions of the classic reach-in refrigerators. These are typically under counter models that are specifically designed to easily fit under the counter in a restaurant or store. Their obvious benefit is the small amount of space that they take up. You can also sometimes use the top of the unit as a food-prep table, albeit a small one, because they are at the right height.

Refrigeration with Prep Tables
While mini reach-in commercial fridges can be used for preparation, there are ones designed to combine both functions. These will typically be about counter height and have an easy, solid area for preparing food. The refrigeration underneath will be spacious, reaching almost to the floor from the height of the prep area. These are ideal for tight spaces or for storing ingredients and preparing them on the same unit. They also frequently have an impressive temperature range and will almost always have wire shelves.

Refrigerated Merchandisers
Refrigerated merchandisers are essentially fridges that you put out in your store or restaurant within access of the customers. They let the clients take their beverage or cold item out and have glass doors to make it easier to identify and to grab their attention. A huge advantage is that these units are available in multiple sizes and capacities. They also make it very easy for employees to see what items need to be restocked because of their glass doors.

Commercial Bar Refrigeration
Bar refrigeration units for commercial units are designed specifically to store wine, alcohol, mixers, beer bottles, and other items. They will have glass doors so your bartenders can easily see what is where and tend to be front-ventilated. The glass doors also mean that you can place the bar refrigerator within view of your customers, so they know what offerings you have.

For more information on the benefits of any of these types of Orlando commercial refrigeration, contact All Temp where we will be glad to help you.

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