Benefits to Energy Efficiency in Commercial Refrigeration

Energy-efficient equipment has increasingly grown in popularity, and with good reason. In addition to the distinct advantage of using less electricity, thus lowering your electric bill and saving money over time, they reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Why Energy Efficiency Matters

Before discussing the benefits of efficiency, it is essential to understand why it matters when it comes to refrigerators, ice machines, and coolers. For starters, commercial equipment uses more energy than residential equipment. In fact, one large refrigeration unit for a supermarket may use 17,000 kWh in a single year, and commercial freezers use closer to 38,000 kWh. Your refrigeration likely accounts for nearly 40 percent of your business’s total energy use. This means that any improvement in refrigeration efficiency can dramatically lower your overall electricity consumption.

Advantages of ENERGY STAR Certification

You will notice that several of our appliances are ENERGY STAR certified. Our experts confirm that ENERGY STAR approved appliances average about 40 percent less energy than its counterparts. This decrease in electricity is due to the unique design that utilizes ECM condensers and evaporator fan motors.

Financial Savings Forever

At first, some companies hesitate to buy an energy-efficient fridge or freezer due to the higher cost. Over time, however, investing in energy-efficient appliances recoups the initial cost and saves even more money. Those savings can improve your business’s profit margin or permit you to pass the savings on to the customers with lower prices, thus giving you a competitive advantage.

Better for the Planet

Opting for energy efficient units help the planet and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Consider letting your customers know you use efficient appliances, as they are often willing to support eco-friendly businesses; disclosing this information could further your competitive edge.

Efficient Options for Nearly Everything

Companies who prioritize energy efficiency will be glad to know that you can find ‘green versions’ of nearly any type of refrigeration unit. Our team can show you coolers, freezers, ice machines, and refrigerators that lower energy consumption, and are happy to answer all of your questions to help find the right unit for you.

Our team at All Temp can go over more advantages of energy efficient Orlando refrigeration with you, and help you find the perfect appliances for your needs. Businesses in Tampa should call 813-630-9400 or those in Orlando can call 407-857-7800.

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