Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Program

Opting for a preventative maintenance program for your refrigeration or freezer unit can often cut costs in the long run, Discover the benefits of these preventative maintenance programs, and sign up for one with All Temp.

What the Programs Include

The services included as part of the preventative maintenance program will vary from company to company as well as based on the type of refrigeration or freezer unit you have. At All Temp, our plans include checking the belts, bearings, electrical controls, and refrigerant levels, as well as cleaning the condensing and evaporating coils and testing the units to confirm that they operate properly. We also replace the filters every 90 days, take care of ice machine filters twice a year, and replace the blower belts and water filters annually. We always customize the plan for your cooling needs.

Reduce the Need for Repairs

One of the biggest benefits of preventative maintenance programs is their ability to reduce the need for repair. All components of your refrigeration or freezer unit are more likely to function properly with regular maintenance. If everything is clean and in good shape, it will work smoothly, preventing the need for an emergency repair, and reducing your chances of requiring repairs in general.

In fact, because professionals provide the maintenance, they may spot a potential problem before it gets serious. By noticing the issue related to your refrigeration or freezer unit early, we can take care of it before it causes serious damage, or costs you money in food waste.

Extend the Unit’s Life

Additionally, preventative maintenance extends the life of each component of your refrigeration or freezer unit. Things simply last longer when they are in good shape, saving you money as you will not need to replace a particular component as often. This also extends the life of the unit as a whole, pushing back the need for an expensive replacement.

Save Electricity

When your refrigeration functions properly, it will perform more efficiently, saving you money. This translates to savings every month on your electric bill, helping your restaurant or business cut costs. Investing just a little in maintenance can save you a lot of money over time.
Considering that a preventative maintenance program can save you time, money, and more, you should not put off signing up for one. In addition to offering Orlando refrigeration repair, our team at All Temp can perform preventative maintenance so you hopefully don’t need those repair services. To set up your plan or schedule repairs for your refrigeration or freezer unit, give us a call today at 407-857-7800 for service.

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