What to Check Before Turning the Heat On

A close up of a small white heater in a white background

In Florida, we don’t often turn to the heater. But a few weeks out of the year, when the temperature dips below 70 degrees, you might find yourself wanting to turn the heater in your office on. Before you flip

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Is Your HVAC Unit Making Employees Sick?

Have you ever noticed that the moment one person in your office gets sick, every single person in your office falls ill shortly after? This could be due to sick building syndrome — a lovely way to say that poor

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Is Your Capacitor Faulty?

Numerous gray large vents in front of a large white building with rose gold tinted windows

It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of summer or dead of winter — in Florida, you need your commercial air conditioning unit to work year-round. If you notice your unit suddenly humming while it runs, shutting off on its

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Is There Mold in Your Commercial HVAC System?

Mold often hides in plain sight. It’s right there on your commercial HVAC unit, but without routine maintenance, you may never notice it. Breathing in mold can be a huge health hazard, so All Temp, your experts in air conditioning

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What’s Going on Inside Your Commercial Ice Maker?

Have you ever wondered why the ice maker inside your refrigerator at home struggles compared to the commercial ice machines found in most restaurant kitchens? All Temp, your Tampa ice machine services experts, walks you through how exactly your commercial

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Maintaining the Right Humidity Level in Your Commercial Cooler

Humidity levels can make or break your product, and every product thrives in a unique climate. While humidity can ruin wine and beer, it causes flowers to thrive. All Temp can help you make sure you have the perfect humidity

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Is a Rooftop Unit Right for Your Commercial Needs?

When deciding on a new commercial HVAC unit, the first thing you need to figure out is where you’re going to put the unit. Are you going to redesignate the stock closet? Get rid of those corner cubicles? Space is

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Get a Commercial HVAC Inspection Before You Buy

Your business is growing, and you’re sick of dealing with building managers. You’ve decided to buy a commercial space that gives you full control over the property. You’ve considered the mortgage and are ready to sign the lease, but have

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Equipment Checklist: Restaurants

Nestled on the corner of a busy intersection downtown, you’ve found the perfect spot for your new cafe. Now comes the fun part — building it out. You know you need the basics: chairs, tables, plates. But what else do

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Refrigerant Leaks

It’s pretty simple — you want your commercial HVAC unit to cool your business. Refrigerant is largely responsible for this; refrigerant evaporates in the coil of your unit, removing heat from the air and cooling your business. A refrigerant leak

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