What to Do if Your Business Refrigerator Stops Working

As a business owner, you must understand what steps to take if your company’s fridge stops working. A broken unit is not typically an issue you can repair yourself, so you should be ready to call a Tampa commercial refrigeration repair service. Learn to tell the difference between a simple problem you can fix yourself, such as the fridge coming unplugged, and one that requires a professional.

Know How Much Time You Have

If you happen to know that your refrigerator was functional a few minutes ago and can pinpoint exactly when it stopped working, you are in luck. From that moment, you have approximately four hours in which your food will remain cold, provided that the refrigerator stays closed. Freezers (which are full) can do even better, holding the proper temperature for nearly two full days, or a complete day when half full.

Refrigerate Perishable Items

The second you realize that your business refrigeration system is no longer working, your priority should be taking care of all perishable items. Doing so can be daunting for companies, but remember that any food which doesn’t get frozen or refrigerated will become a loss as it will not be safe to use. In the best case scenario, you have an additional fridge on site and can find space inside for the perishable items in the failing appliance. Consider freezing foods as well if there is not enough room in other fridges. Check for coolers in your business that can work as short-term refrigeration.

Confirm the Fridge’s Temperature

If you are unsure how long the refrigerator has not been fully functional, use a thermometer to test its temperature. You will need to check both the temperature within the fridge and of the food items to determine whether they are safe or have gone off. Assuming the thermometer reads 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less, your food should be safe. If the reading is close to this but a bit higher, test the foods individually. Each should have the same temperature limit. If you have any doubts about the safety of a food item, throw it out.

Call the Professionals Right Away

Your company will be not function at peak performance without your refrigeration unit fully functional. Because of this, you should call a cooling repair company as soon as you can. Ideally, have one member of your team move the perishable items while another contacts the repair service. Most services will try to schedule a technician for as soon as possible, but they may not have openings for the day.

Anytime that your refrigerator faces problems contact our Tampa commercial refrigeration repair company to bring your cooling system back to peak performance as soon as possible.

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