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Hey veterinarians: stop using those normal everyday refrigerators! Did you know that normal food storage refrigerators can vastly reduce the effectiveness of vaccines because they cannot properly maintain the right temperatures? The Orlando refrigeration repair experts at All Temp can help you make sure you have the proper refrigeration unit for storing vaccines and more.

Type Of Unit

You should be looking for purpose-built refrigeration units that are classified as “pharmaceutical grade.” These units are designed with the ability to properly store different types of medicines, vaccines, blood, and more. Your unit should include temperature resistance detectors and air vents, which can help maintain proper levels across the board. When selecting a size, make sure there will be enough room for your largest inventory at all times of the year, ensuring there is room for space between each medicine.


Medicine should be kept in a range of 36 to 46 degrees. Setting your unit to approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit will maintain the perfect temperature to preserve the products. Maintaining adequate temperatures reduces a potential loss of effectiveness in vaccines or medicines which saves time, money, and lives. You should never let the refrigerator freeze, as it can alter the effects of the medicines as well.

Temperature Monitoring Device

Investing in a device that monitors temperature can help prevent waste, as well as let you know your refrigerator is at a temperature safe to store vaccines in. For example, it can take two to seven days to stabilize temperatures when using a newly purchased refrigerator. A monitoring device can ensure that your refrigerator temperature is stable.

Location, Location, Location

When storing vaccines, be sure to place the refrigeration unit in a clean, dry area. Keep the medicine away from sunlight, moisture, animals, and dirt as these can all affect it. An ideal location for the medical refrigerator is in an office or utility room. Veterinarians are hard workers with a lot of their minds. Having a reliable refrigeration storage unit is essential in the business, especially when emergencies are common.

At All Temp, Orlando refrigeration repair, we want vets to focus on the animals who need help rather than worrying if their medicines are properly stored or not. Give us a call at 407-587-7800 or contact us online.  

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