Can Your Commercial AC Handle the Summer?

With summer in full swing, it’s time to confirm that you don’t need AC repair Kissimmee so your commercial HVAC system can handle the hottest summer months. It’s much better to figure out ahead of time if your commercial AC needs repairs — otherwise, you may have to deal with overheated customers and employees due to a failed air conditioning unit on the hottest day of the year. Give your air conditioner a head start on working this summer by taking these steps.  

Have an Inspection

The first and most important step toward ensuring your commercial AC can handle the summer heat is to have a professional inspection. Hire an air conditioning expert to take a look at your commercial HVAC unit as a whole to confirm that everything is functional. They will also quickly tune-up the various components to keep them running smoothly. During the inspection, the repair expert will be able to tell if there are any potential issues and resolve them before they get serious, preventing repairs in the height of summer and saving you money.

During the inspection, ask the expert whether they feel it is time to replace your commercial HVAC system. If the current unit is already old, it may make sense to replace it before the middle of summer, so that you have a fully-functional, highly-efficient unit.

Replace Air Filters

Every air conditioning system has a set schedule for filter replacement, and if you are not sure about your unit, ask the repair expert. Regardless of the schedule for your commercial AC unit, it’s best to replace the air filter before summer hits. As a general rule, you should change the filter every 90 days, which makes it easy to time so it coincides with the start of summer.

Do Some Landscaping

You may not realize it, but the landscaping around your air conditioner will also affect its functionality. While well-maintained shrubs and bushes should be fine, those that are overgrown can actually interfere with the commercial AC’s ventilation unit. If your landscaping causes blockages, this can lead to minor issues such as reduced efficiency, or something more serious such as damage to parts.

When in doubt, hire our team at All Temp to inspect your unit and take care of any necessary AC repair Kissimmee. Make an appointment by calling 407-8570-7800 or 813-630-9400 so you can count on your air conditioning to work on even the hottest days.

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