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Maintaining Your Commercial HVAC System During the Winter

For most of the year, Florida faces climate extremes. It becomes sweltering during summer and stormy during hurricane season. During the winter months, temperatures finally become more moderate. This makes it the best time to get work done on your

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Understanding Your Commercial HVAC System

Most commercial buildings in Florida need to have a functioning HVAC system. To understand the system, the first step is knowing what HVAC means. A Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system keeps the temperature and atmosphere in a building under

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Troubleshooting Your Home HVAC Unit

In Florida, your air conditioning is your saving grace. It’s what makes those summer days enjoyable and the Florida heat worth it. So when your HVAC unit starts to malfunction, you may find yourself panicking. But don’t worry! All Temp

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Battling Sick Building Syndrome

If it seems like your employees are constantly sick, you could be battling sick building syndrome. Sick building syndrome is often a result of poor ventilation and HVAC maintenance that results in your employees suffering from health problems. All Temp,

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What to Check Before Turning the Heat On

A close up of a small white heater in a white background

In Florida, we don’t often turn to the heater. But a few weeks out of the year, when the temperature dips below 70 degrees, you might find yourself wanting to turn the heater in your office on. Before you flip

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Is Your HVAC Unit Making Employees Sick?

Have you ever noticed that the moment one person in your office gets sick, every single person in your office falls ill shortly after? This could be due to sick building syndrome — a lovely way to say that poor

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Is a Rooftop Unit Right for Your Commercial Needs?

When deciding on a new commercial HVAC unit, the first thing you need to figure out is where you’re going to put the unit. Are you going to redesignate the stock closet? Get rid of those corner cubicles? Space is

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Refrigerant Leaks

It’s pretty simple — you want your commercial HVAC unit to cool your business. Refrigerant is largely responsible for this; refrigerant evaporates in the coil of your unit, removing heat from the air and cooling your business. A refrigerant leak

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Preparing Your Commercial HVAC Unit for Hurricane Season

In Florida, hurricane season feels like it takes up over half the year. With hurricanes regularly coming farther inland, it’s important to take precautions to make sure your HVAC unit is protected against hurricane-force winds and rain. This can prevent

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Preventing Water Damage

Water damage can destroy your commercial HVAC unit. Not only can flooding or excessive rain cause damage; an overworked unit can freeze and unfreeze, damaging crucial coils. The air conditioning installation St. Cloud professionals at All Temp can help you

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