How to Choose Your Next Ice Machine

Finding the right ice machine for your business needs does not have to be a hassle. With more than 20 years experience, you can trust our Orlando commercial refrigeration experts at All Temp to help you with your purchase journey. When purchasing your ice machine, you should make sure it can be adapted to the intended environment, so its operation is optimal. Practical and aesthetic criteria should also be considered when making your next purchase. Read on for further details concerning these considerations.

Refrigeration Technology

Ice machines should be able to freeze water in short periods of time (about 10 minutes). This rapid temperature drop is obtained by two different technologies. An air-operated machine has the advantage of being easy to install and of having a reduced cost. However, it is incompatible with rooms where air can be brought to rise in temperature. A machine that uses a water cooling system is less sensitive to ambient heat. They are designed for small spaces, and it emits very little noise.

Production Capacity

Having a professional ice maker is critical in restaurants and retail spaces. Before purchasing, it is best to determine the volume of ice your facility needs on a daily basis as the majority of manufacturers specify the quantity produced within in a 24 hour period. Identifying this will help determine if you need a low, regular, or high production ice maker.

The Dimensions

The production capacity will contribute to the size of the unit. Once you’ve figured out your production frequency, the location of the unit needs to be determined. When contemplating the placement, accessibility and area congestion should be taken into consideration to ensure it will benefit not hinder your operational efficiency.

Technical Criteria

Each ice machine offers different features that make them easy to operate. Such as, a multifunction unit delivers crushed ice and freshwater. Some units will indicate if it is running low on ice or water if the unit has a tank feature.

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