Choosing the Right Ice Shape for Your Business Needs

Before buying an ice machine, you should take the time to consider what shape of ice is ideal for your business. Each company has different needs as various shapes of ice work best for specific uses. To make it easier to select the type of cube, consider the various uses and benefits of each shape.

Full Cubes

Full cubes are in the shape of a rectangle or a cube and are most common in hotels, convenience stores, and casual dining restaurants. This shape of ice is ideal for cooling off a beverage without accidentally watering it down, as it is hard and long-lasting.

Half Cubes

As the name implies, half cubes are a smaller version of full cubes. These are the most popular shape of ice. They are standard for fast food, quick service, and schools. Compared to full cubes, they have more surface area, which results in a speedier melt plus the ability to cool a drink off faster.


Crescent cubes have one flat side and one curved edge, creating a crescent. The same industries use these as half cubes, and they provide the same benefits. The only difference is a more aesthetically pleasing shape.


Gourmet ice is not a common ice shape. You can find this cylindrical-shaped ice in sophisticated bars or high-end restaurants. They melt slower, meaning that the drink does not become watered down. They also create that desired “clinking” sound.

Pearl or Nugget

These balls of ice are irregular in shape. Their porous design makes them ideal for absorbing liquid. Pearl or nugget ice is soft, chewable and melts quickly, making it popular with healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities, or chain restaurants.


Flake or shaved ice is also soft and melts quickly. It is ideal for salad bars and displays due to the ability to fit into nearly any container. Shaved ice is also prevalent in hospitals.

Regardless of your business, our team at All Temp will gladly offer Orlando ice machine services. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can also suggest the shape or shapes your company should consider and provide for related needs. Give us a call at 407-857-7800 to make an appointment.

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