Choosing the Right Walk-In Cooler

In Orlando, commercial refrigeration is easy to find, but finding the right walk-in cooler for you and your business isn’t. Picking the right one for you is harder than it looks, and there are a lot of factors to consider. One small mistake and suddenly you have a walk-in cooler that is bigger than your store! To make the process easier, we have a few tips that we know will help you through this arduous process.

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Outdoor Walk-in Pros and Cons

Outdoor walk-in refrigerators are units that are separate structures from the building. Their location makes it easier for overnight deliveries and future expansion. Some benefits to buying an outdoor walk-in refrigerator include:

  1. They don’t take up any interior space.
  2. With professional help, you can have a quick installation and delivery.
  3. The condensing unit location allows for warm air to be released outside, and refrigerant lines do not have to be run through the building, saving you money.
  4. Food deliveries can be made easier to an outdoor unit with a door that opens to the outside.

Drawbacks to buying an outdoor walk-in refrigerator include:

  1. In order to access the outdoor unit without walking outside, you would have to build a door in the wall.
  2. They use more energy.
  3. They require additional components to protect against weather and crime due to their location.
  4. Local building codes may mandate additional components
  5. They might end up costing more than an interior walk-in.

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Indoor Walk-in Pros and Cons

Although outdoor walk-in fridges might save you indoor space,  they aren’t necessarily more convenient. Some benefits to buying an indoor walk-in include:

  1. They usually cost less to buy and install.
  2. They are easily accessible and workers will be able to get ingredients with more ease.
  3. The refrigerator will not be externally visible to the public.
  4. Having the refrigerator indoors helps prevent theft.
  5. They are usually easier to keep clean.

Drawbacks  to buying an indoor walk-in include:

  1. They take up interior space that you may otherwise need.
  2. They may require a reinforced interior floor
  3. Since the self-contained units heat up your building, it will increase cooling costs in the summer.

Overall, you have to consider the panels, flooring, size, energy consumption and the door type. It is not easy to make this decision, but you need to be aware of all the possibilities and factors included when purchasing a walk-in cooler so you can make an educated purchase.  At All Temp, we offer Orlando commercial refrigeration services and can offer further assistance for all your refrigeration needs. You can give us a call at 407-857-7800.

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