Commercial HVAC Systems for Restaurants

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For most businesses, the HVAC system has one goal: keep people comfortable. In a restaurant, comfort is an important consideration, but so are safety and air quality. These factors can all be compromised with a standard commercial St. Cloud commercial HVAC system, so restaurant owners need to be extra careful. Here are our recommendations when choosing a restaurant HVAC system:

Why Standard HVAC Systems Don’t Work

Most of the challenges of air conditioning in a restaurant come from the dramatically varying temperature needs. Keeping a kitchen cool while all the ovens and stoves are running requires much more power than cooling the dining area. The kitchen itself will have different cooling needs throughout the day, between slower and busier times. Standard ventilation systems tend to take their time, but the needs of a restaurant move quickly. Additionally, the process of cooking certain foods contaminates the air, creating smells that are unpleasant to deal with outside of the kitchen and can be harmful to those inside.

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What the Kitchen Needs

Kitchens need to focus on airflow. Variable exhaust controls allow kitchen hoods and exhaust systems to regulate airflow at all times of the day, saving energy when less power is needed. Airflow reduction in specialized HVAC systems ensures that the kitchen temperature will stay regulated without overtaxing the air conditioning unit. Temperature control through ventilation takes air from outside when the weather is nice and creates its own mechanical air when it’s not. Conditioning outside air before it enters the kitchen decreases energy usage and allows the HVAC system to focus on tasks like humidity control.

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Considerations for Customers

Air quality may not be a customer’s top concern until they experience a lack thereof. Ideally, customers will not smell what’s going on in the kitchen. Cooking releases gas, grease and smoke, which can not only smell unpleasant but can cause physical harm. Fire prevention is another concern that isn’t top-of-mind until you see or smell it. Fire suspension systems help put out fires before customers know they happened. Aside from these factors, you’ll want to make sure your restaurant has proper air flow and keeps your customers comfortable. The best case scenario for your HVAC system is for your customers not to even give it a second thought. 


If you need help installing or finding an air conditioning system, reach out to our team of St. Cloud commercial HVAC experts. Along with installation and maintenance, we offer emergency repairs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To learn more about our services, contact us online or give us a call at (407) 857-7800.

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