Commercial Ice Machine Spotlight: Hoshizaki America, Inc.

pexels-photo-434259At All Temp, we have worked hard over the years to determine which products to offer, ensuring all clients have access to only the highest-quality items that we trust and know will last. One of the brands we strongly recommend for Orlando ice machine services is Hoshizaki America, Inc. We can help you choose your ice machine from this brand, install it, and provide future maintenance, repairs and other services.

Ice Makers

By offering Hoshizaki products, All Temp can give clients the choice between nearly all shapes of ice. While many companies stick to the traditional square cubers, others prefer cubelets, crescent cubers, flakers, or top hat cubers. Hoshizaki produces dozens of ice makers of varying sizes, so regardless of space available or required capacity, we guarantee your company can find an ice maker that works for you. Several machines in their lineup  make over 2,000 pounds of ice each day, while many of the more popular units produce about 55 pounds.

Ice Storage

In addition to providing you with a Hoshizaki ice maker, our team will happily endorse one of their several dozen ice storage bins or stands. As with the ice makers, these are available in a range of sizes to meet any space requirements.

Ice Dispensers

Through our years of experience, we have learned that while some companies prefer a traditional ice bin, others prefer dispensers. The Hoshizaki products we offer include dozens of dispensers, including machines that dispense water as well as ice.

We Install, Maintain, and More

When you choose to get a Hoshizaki America, Inc. ice machine from our team, you can count on a full-service experience. We will gladly provide suggestions and guidance to ensure you select the ideal unit from their catalog. We will then install it for you, and confirm that you understand how it works. In addition to giving you a quick overview of cleaning and maintenance, we can assist you with future maintenance and repairs.
Whether you already have a Hoshizaki America, Inc. product in need of repairs or require our other Orlando ice machine services, such as installation, All Temp is ready to assist you. From Orlando, call us at 407-857-7800 to schedule an appointment. If your business is in the Tampa area, call 813-630-9400.

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