Determining The Ideal Size for Your Commercial Refrigerator


Finding Orlando commercial refrigeration, but the complicated part is deciding what size and type you need. While some businesses will be okay with a relatively small commercial fridge, others will need a much larger space. To help you determine your ideal size, consider the following points.

How Much You Need to Store
The big question when it comes to choosing the right sized Orlando commercial refrigeration unit is figuring out how much storage space you will need. To do this, make a list of all the items you plan on storing within the unit. Consider also listing how much room they will take up and do some math. Be honest about your needs and remember that it is always better to have too much room in the fridge than not enough.

Space Available
The other significant factor is the amount of room you have in your kitchen or the adjoining area to store the fridge. Every building will have space constraints of some sort, but you should be able to find a fridge that works. Remember that some styles work better in smaller areas than others; a worktop refrigerator can serve as refrigeration and provide a prep area.

As a general rule of thumb, fridges with one section will have room for 20 to 30 cubic feet inside and be 20 to 30 inches wide. Two sections increase the interior space to 30 to 50 cubic feet and the width to 40 to 60 inches. Three-section units will typically hold 50 to 70 cubic feet and be over 70 inches wide.

Your Budget
Based on the above factors, it can be tempting to get as large of a fridge that can reasonably fit in the kitchen so you never run out of space, but your budget can get in the way. Remember that larger refrigerators will always cost more money so your options may be limited somewhat by what you can afford. That being said, there are ways to make fridges more affordable, such as business loans or financing.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Fridge Style
As mentioned earlier, the amount of space you need for a fridge will also depend somewhat on the style you choose. Most commercial refrigerators are reach-in models that are accessible at just an arm’s length if you are standing. Dual temperature fridges are similar but have two sections that can each have a different fridge. If you are short on space in your kitchen or need the items within the fridge to be accessible from either side, a pass-through fridge may be ideal.

For those who are limited on space, an undercounter refrigerator can work as it sits under the counter, but the interior storage will be incredibly limited. This is best used to store the items that need to be highly accessible. As mentioned earlier, worktops are fridges on the bottom with a workspace on top, perfect for kitchens who need certain ingredients on hand at all times or while prepping.

All Temp can assist you with all of your Orlando commercial refrigeration needs, including guiding you towards selecting the right size.

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