Diagnosing Your Compressor’s Problem

At some point, every commercial refrigerator needs a repair, whether it’s a minor do-it-yourself fix or something that is best left to the professionals. While most compressor problems should be left to a Tampa commercial refrigeration repair professional, you can do some basic troubleshooting yourself.

Look at the Compressor Windings

If you plan to diagnose your compressor’s problems yourself, start by looking at the compressor windings in search of an open winding. To do this, move the fridge away from the wall then unplug it. Grab a digital multimeter and find the start relay of the compressor. Pull this off the terminals along the compressor’s side. You will want to read the start and run winding pins. If your meter shows “O.L.,” this indicates the compressor requires replacement.

Check for a Shorted Motor Winding

Your fridge may also be suffering from a shorted motor winding, which can be either a winding-to-frame short or a turn-to-turn short that is within a single winding. Confirm that the readings between your Common and Run pins and the Common and Start pins are within 0.5 ohms. If there is a dramatic difference, then the winding that has the lower reading is experiencing a turn-to-turn shor! You can check whether there is a winding-to-frame short by reading between the pins with the compressor housing. Any display other than “O.L.” indicates a bad compressor.

Check Its Thermostatic Control

If you have already completed the above troubleshooting, your issue is likely a bad thermostatic control switch or a bad motor starting relay. The way to check the latter is by replacing the system and testing if it works. However, you can check for thermostatic control problems. Set your switch somewhere between 4 and 5, then ensure there is continuity between the wires on the start relay and the plug. You want the meter to display “0.000” not “O.L.” The latter reading indicates that you need to replace the thermostatic control.

If none of those troubleshooting methods work for you, hire a pro. When in doubt, our team at All Temp is always ready to help with your Tampa commercial refrigeration repair, whether or not you have diagnosed the problem. Just give us a call at 813-630-9400 or 407-857-7800 to make an appointment that fits your schedule so you can ensure your fridge’s compressor and every other component runs smoothly.

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