Different Types of Walk-In Refrigeration

Choosing a specific kind of refrigeration system can be a difficult task. All Temp, the experts in Orlando commercial refrigeration, want to help you decide the best unit for you.

Mount Refrigeration

Mount installments are externally attached to refrigeration systems, so if you have extra space these are a perfect selection. Mount refrigeration systems come completely assembled, so if it is necessary it can be moved to a different location. The mounting systems differ based upon which side the unit is attached to. There are three different types of mounting units, and each should be installed by a certified technician.

  • Top Mount:  The top mount is installed in the roof of the refrigeration unit, but it can affect overhead space. It has lower shelves for easier access, and it is clog resistant.
  • Side Mount: The side mount is installed on the side or wall of the unit. It requires a drain for condensation, and it can take up space inside the unit.
  • Saddle Mount: A saddle mount requires slots to be cut on the top of the refrigeration unit before the roof is built, but it is less intrusive than the top or side mount.

Remote Systems

There are two types of remote systems. One requires assembly and the other is pre-assembled when purchased. These systems are located outside which reduces excess heat in the building saving from unnecessary costs. While they are the cheapest option, they still require regular maintenance by certified refrigerator technicians.


If you work with a lot of electronic systems then this might be your best bet. Electrical currents and a thermocouple power the cooling system as opposed to water or refrigerant, so you can avoid any chemicals or regular maintenance as opposed to other systems.


These systems are unique as they are essentially refrigeration systems with a garage-type door. Keep in mind that a roll-up system eliminates the possibility to have shelf space near the front as it has the entire front side open and close. They are great options for warehouses, as well as trucks.

Knowing the best refrigeration system for your company can save you time shopping around aimlessly. All Temp, the professionals in Orlando commercial refrigeration, can help make sure your refrigeration system is installed properly. Give us a call at (813) 630-9400 or contact us online.

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