Do You Need Commercial AC Repairs?

It’s important that your building’s commercial air conditioning unit is functioning properly. Not only can a malfunctioning unit make tenants uncomfortable, but it can also lead to higher bills and costly repairs. All Temp, the experts in air conditioning replacement St. Cloud, can help you recognize the signs that your unit may need to be repaired.


If you, or your tenants, notice a lack of airflow, your commercial air conditioner might be in need of repair. Low airflow often means that air is trapped somewhere in the system, which can cause damage, such as freezing coils. Getting your HVAC unit inspected at the first sign of trouble can save you from costly repairs later on.  

Unusual Sounds

Your commercial HVAC unit was designed to be quiet. Any clanging, banging, or other loud, distracting noises are a sign that something is wrong with the unit. If you notice your unit making any unusual sounds, have an expert come look at it as soon as possible. At All Temp, we offer 24/7 emergency service. 

Short Cycling

If you notice your air conditioner seems to be running constantly, but your building isn’t properly cooled, you may need commercial air conditioning repair. Also known as short cycling, this constant on and off places strain on the internal components of your HVAC system while raising your electric bill. 

Reduced Cooling Levels

Your commercial air conditioner relies on a few different components to cool the building. Low refrigerant levels, ductwork breaches, and overheating components can all affect your unit’s ability to cool the building. If hot air seems to be blowing from vents, a professional may be needed to check for any damage. 

Higher Bills

It’s simple: Your commercial HVAC unit is going to work to cool down the building. When something impedes its ability to do that, it simply works harder. This causes your bill to be higher due to its constant cycling. If your bill seems to be climbing every month, it’s best to have an expert from All Temp take a look.

If you think your unit needs to be repaired, give All Temp, the experts in air conditioning replacement St. Cloud, a call at (407) 857-7800. We can make sure your commercial unit is working properly.

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