Easy Guide to Reducing Energy Cost on Restaurant Refrigeration

As a restaurant owner you are always looking for ways to reduce your overhead. One way to do this lies within your commercial equipment. Today, our Orlando Commercial Refrigeration repair experts bring you some techniques to reduce energy costs.

  • Choose an energy classification of at least A+ on a classification scale from A++ to C. While this choice would be more expensive to buy, it will provide you more savings in the long term.
  • For refrigeration equipment of any size, the door gaskets should be checked periodically to ensure a perfect seal. Otherwise, the compressor will work excessively to cool the hot stream of air. We also recommend the following:
  • Adjust your refrigeration system to the temperature recommended by the manufacturer. A thermometer dipped in a glass of water and placed in the refrigerator will tell you the exact temperature. Adjust according to the instructions of the appliance.
  • Inspect the condition of your refrigerator seals. Are they preventing outside heat from coming in? Any level of deterioration will result in an increase in internal temperature. A tip to test their effectiveness is a sheet of paper where the seals reside and close the door. If you can remove the sheet without opening the door, the seals should to be changed.
  • Do not place your refrigeration system near a heat source (oven, radiator) because its energy efficiency will be reduced and possibly cause more stress on the motor. Leave at least five centimeters between the wall and the refrigerator to avoid overheating.
  • Avoid placing hot foods in the refrigerator as it will increase the interior temperature. Wait until they have reached the neutral temperature of the kitchen.

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