Enhance Your Commercial Refrigeration with the Right Accessories


Once you have chosen your commercial refrigerator, it is time to complement it with some accessories. Selecting the right accessories for your Tampa commercial refrigeration system will allow you to remain organized and keep all of your food items safe at all times. With the proper accessories, you can get the most from your space, whether you are a restaurant, a store, or another type of business.

Choosing Your Supports
The very first accessory you will need for your commercial fridge is the supports. The majority of manufacturers offer the choice of wheels or legs with the former being the standard choice due to the convenience of mobility. With wheels, it is much easier to access the cabinet to clean it as well as below it. In areas where the unit requires additional stability, such as on a ship or a space with potential thieves, legs may be ideal. Individual reach-in commercial fridges will even have flanged legs that let the cabinet shift in case of earthquakes or rough seas.

Accessories Related to Mounting the Condenser
The condenser is the part of Tampa commercial refrigeration that lets the unit function, and you need to choose a range of accessories related to it. The first choice is if it should be within the unit, referred to as self-contained, or on the outside, known as remote. Most buyers will opt for a self-contained fridge. In this case, you need to choose if you will be buying top mounts or bottom mounts, a decision that is based on where you want the condenser. Bottom-mounted units will be ideal for by the cooking line since grease-carrying vapors and heat will rise. You should opt for a top mount in a dry storage area so that no spills will damage the condenser.

Interior Accessories
Most commercial refrigeration units will come standard with several shelves that can be adjusted. That may be enough for some businesses, but certain industries will want to change out these accessories. Pan slides let you quickly store or remove full-size sheet pans, making them a necessary accessory for caterers, event facilities, bakeries, and any business which requires storing cold foods within larger batches. If you have produce or other items that don’t fit on shelves well, you may also want to add a basket to your reach-in fridge. These baskets can also allow for upright storage, helping in some commercial freezers.

Temperature-Reading Accessories
Finally, you will need to choose the type of thermometer to have within your commercial refrigeration unit. Analog used to be the default, but digital thermometers are growing in popularity due to their ease of reading. While your choice may not have a huge impact on productivity or accuracy, digital thermometers are recommended as everyone can read them and can do so at a glance.

Whether you still need Tampa commercial refrigeration or are ready to enhance its usefulness with accessories, All Temp can assist you so contact us today.

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