Everything You Need to Know About Health Inspections

Even before you owned your business, cleanliness was one of the most important things when you went out to eat — and now that you’re a business owner, it’s even more important. It can be a lot of pressure now that it’s your responsibility, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what to expect. Your preferred Orlando commercial refrigeration company, All Temp, would like to you help you stay prepared.

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Different Types of Health Inspections

Inspections are performed by the Environmental Health section of the County Health Department. Inspections can happen between one and four times a year. During an inspection, if your business has any violations that need correction in more than the standard time frame, you will be required to have a re-inspection. For reinspections, the inspector will give the business a specific date that corrections need to be made by. Complaint inspections can also occur in response to a citizen’s complaint.

How To Prepare For A Health Inspection

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There are things you can add to your routine that help you stay prepared for an inspection. An example is to perform frequent in-house inspections. Go over the same form your health department uses for inspections and go over the form with your staff; this makes sure your entire staff is on the same page. 

The most important factors in an inspection are food time and temperatures, personal hygiene (especially hand washing), and cross-contamination. Food should either be below 41 degrees Fahrenheit or over 135, otherwise, it is in the temperature danger zone and is susceptible to bacteria. Food should be stored properly to avoid cross-contamination. Make sure handwashing signs are posted around all kitchen sinks and in employee restrooms.

Stay Up To Date
All managers should be updated on all the latest food-safety techniques. There will be a chance that a health inspector will come on a day you are not there. Restaurant employees should have completed ServSafe training programs. Review your local health code for any requirements specific to your area.

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Inspection Results

After your inspection, you will receive one of the following results: 

  • Satisfactory: no observed violations or none significant enough to require a reinspection
  • Unsatisfactory: there were violations that pose a significant threat to public health and sanitation and need correction
  • Incomplete: inspection was not finished and the inspector had to leave before completing the inspection

The results of your health inspection can become public knowledge and can influence someone’s decision whether they want to patron your business. If there is anyway Orlando commercial refrigeration company can help you prepare for your inspection or make sure all your refrigeration units are properly maintained, don’t hesitate to call us at 407-857-7800.

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