Finding the Right Merchandising Refrigerator

merchandising refrigerator with drinks

Whether your shop is a boutique that sells bottled cold brew or a convenience store that specializes in refrigerated goods, you’ll want to make sure you have the right equipment. Merchandising cases and refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes, and the Orlando commercial refrigeration experts at All Temp have seen— and installed— it all. Here are our recommendations for finding the perfect refrigerator for your business: 


First, you will want to know what type of refrigerator works best for the merchandise you’re looking to sell. Merchandising refrigerators come in four main varieties:

  • Convenience store merchandisers: This style is great for storing sealed food and beverages in a gas station, convenience store, or grocery store. They come in full length and countertop sizes, which offers great flexibility to suit most business needs.
  • Glass-sided merchandiser: These are best for storing baked goods that you want to put on display. A glass-sided unit allows you to show off products from all sides. These are especially popular in bakeries and are often called bakery merchandisers.
  • Floral merchandisers: This type of merchandiser is specifically designed for flowers. It illuminates flower displays and comes with a built-in air flow system. This gives dual benefits of preserving flowers and showing them off in a flattering way.
  • Wine merchandisers: These will keep wine at the ideal temperature while showcasing bottles on angled shelves. If you want to be known for selling wine, buy this type of refrigerator over a convenience store-style one.

bakery merchandiser


Before buying a large piece of equipment for your business, make sure it fits. You can never take too many measurements to avoid a costly mistake. Your merchandising refrigerator will need to not only fit inside your store; it will also need to get through the door. In addition to planning it out spatially, keep your customers’ needs in mind. If you are starting out and have a modest customer base, go one size up for when your business grows.  It will be much easier to temporarily have a not-quite-full refrigerator than it will be to keep buying new ones as your customer base grows. 

Energy Usage

Newer appliances tend to be rated for energy efficiency, so it should be simple to figure out which merchandising units are the best for keeping energy costs low. There are some subtle ways that these refrigerators can use more or less energy. For example, sliding doors are convenient because they do not take up the aisle space that swinging doors do. However, they tend to be less energy efficient. LED light bulbs tend to illuminate better than other types while using less electricity. Work costs of operating these machines into your budget.

merchandising wine refrigerator


Merchandising refrigerators are great for selling additional products at your store, especially because customers can see and grab items that would otherwise be hidden. This will be a big investment, so make sure to take budget into consideration when ordering a refrigerator for your business. Look into financing plans if necessary. Make sure the refrigerator you’re buying has a good warranty, and look into the experiences other customers have had with the manufacturer. At All Temp, we handle warranty work and other repairs for several brands of refrigerators.

Our All Temp team will install your refrigerator when you find the perfect one to suit your Orlando commercial refrigeration needs. We also provide maintenance for most models and offer 24/7 emergency repair. Contact us online or give us a call at (407) 857-7800 to schedule an appointment.

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