Why Floor Insulation Is Important for Your Walk-In Cooler

Anytime you install an Orlando walk-in cooler; it is crucial that you also include proper flooring insulation. Doing so will allow the cooler to maintain its ideal temperature, which in turn ensures your inventory is stable and safe. Remember that steady products save your company money.


What Happens without Insulation

If you choose to install your walk-in cooler without insulation, then cold air will escape from the walk-in. Additionally, warm air can penetrate it. As the hot air enters and cooling air leaves, the temperatures and humidity levels fluctuate. This fluctuation can reduce the freshness of your products.


Insulation in Warm Environments

Walk-in coolers placed in warehouses, kitchens, or other warm environments need insulated flooring to prevent competing temperature levels. The insulated floor will also protect any sensitive flooring materials chosen which moisture and humidity negatively impact. Examples include carpeting and hardwood flooring. After all, you do not want warped wood or moldy carpet in the walk-in cooler.


Insulation Prevents Moisture Build Up

Preventing moisture build-up is one of the biggest functions of insulation, other than its ability to control the temperature of the cooler. If a cooler is stored in a multi-level building or on an unsealed floor it can cause condensation to build up. This condensation should be avoided at all costs if the cooler had an insulated floor. Without the proper equipment the condensation can develop into significant mold problems and the moisture buildup may damage construction components, hurting the structural integrity of the building.


The Only Time You Can Skip Insulation

In almost every scenario, you must install insulation with your walk-in cooler to prevent these issues. There is, however, one exception to this rule. If you install the cooler on concrete on the building’s ground level and no rooms sit underneath it, then insulation is not necessary. Although experts will rarely recommend you skip insulated flooring for your walk-in; if you do so, opt for concrete floors. An alternative is to select concrete that is covered by tile, vinyl, or resin to take advantage of the concrete with the appearance of another material. While not as efficient as insulation, concrete and the other materials are typically sufficient to protect inventory from the exterior temperatures.


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