Floral Coolers

Selecting the ideal floral cooler for your store doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Check out the various Orlando commercial refrigeration options perfect for keeping your flowers fresh, including multiple styles and accessories that can keep your shop organized.

Standard Floral Coolers

When most people picture refrigeration that can hold flowers, they imagine the standard commercial coolers, which can feature top- or bottom-mounted compressors. These are ideal for customization and adding additional shelves, but they don’t have much storage space.

Countertop Floral Coolers

As with most types of refrigeration, you can get a floral cooler that sits on your countertop. These will not hold as many arrangements or individual flowers as the other options, but they are ideal for areas where space is tight or if your store only carries a small selection of flowers. They are particularly good for encouraging impulse purchases by the register.

Walk-In Floral Coolers

If you need a bit more space in your cooler for storing additional flowers that you do not have on display, a walk-in floral cooler may be ideal. The front features a display area while the rear portion has a walk-in section. This is ideal if you simply need to store more flowers, yet do not need them all on display at once. If you opt for a walk-in floral cooler, confirm that it has a functional safety release to prevent any accidents.

Invest in Shelves

No unit is at its full potential without shelves, including floral coolers. Shelving allows you to keep your arrangements well-organized at all times, both for improved visibility for customers and to help your employees find items more easily. Additionally, shelves can dramatically improve your cooler’s capacity.

Add Door Curtains

Door curtains can help you maintain the temperature within your floral cooler, even if employees or customers open and close the door multiple times a day. These come in standard or customized sizes.

Get a Thermometer

While your cooler should already have a thermometer built in, you do not want to rely on this device too much. A second thermometer can help ensure accurate readings. Place another thermometer inside the fridge so you can compare the readings and confirm that they are within your preferred range.

Whether you are in search of a floral cooler or another type of Orlando commercial refrigeration or need repairs done on existing refrigeration, All Temp can assist you. Give us a call at 813-630-9400 or 407-857-7800 for more information or an appointment.

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