Fort Myers Refrigeration

Whether you are in charge of a restaurant, medical facility, retailer, florist, or elsewhere, All Temp is here to help with all of your refrigeration needs. Over the years, we honed our skills and built up over 20 years of experience providing Fort Myers businesses with ice machines, commercial refrigeration units, repairs, and more.

Who We Serve
At All Temp, we offer the units and services to help a range of industries. Medical facilities like hospitals, scientific research labs, veterinarians, and pharmaceutical plants trust us to provide services that keep samples and medications at the ideal temperatures. Restaurants are confident in our abilities to store cold beverages, install walk-in freezers, and display fridges so customers can view beverage choices. We assist retailers in selecting and installing fridges that store products in warehouses and display them for customers. We also supply Frigitek compressors for all industries searching for improved efficiency and lower electricity bills.

A Look at Our Services
At All Temp, we don’t just install units and leave customers to fend for themselves. We install, repair, and replace for industrial cooking, commercial air conditioning, commercial freezers, and commercial ice machines. We provide the same services for retail, industrial, medical, and pharmaceutical refrigeration.

We Offer Maintenance Agreements
Our team offers maintenance agreements and other refrigeration amenities to keep your business running stress-free. We will regularly visit your Fort Myers business to inspect and maintain your appliances, which allows us to catch potential problems early, preventing them from worsening or temporarily shutting down your business.

Always Available
Our team at All Temp understands that you cannot control emergencies, which is why we are available every single day of the year. When you notice a severe problem with your refrigeration unit, give us a call, and we will send help as quickly as possible. We want to minimize your company’s downtime and provide the best service possible.

Give us a call to set up a consultation for any of your Fort Myers refrigeration needs. We have two numbers, 407-857-7800 and 813-630-9400, for the Orlando and Tampa areas, respectively. Contact us, and we will set up an appointment with your Fort Myers business so you can start taking advantage of our expertise.