How Do Extreme Temperatures Affect Your Commercial HVAC?

When every day is 100 degrees or hotter, your employees surely appreciate walking into a building that’s the same temperature as an icebox. But as the building manager, you’re probably more concerned with what that extreme temperature is doing to your HVAC unit — and your bill. All Temp — experts in air conditioning repair Kissimmee — can help you make sure your air conditioning system is running efficiently all year long.  


You can’t think of a Florida summer without thinking “humidity.” All of that built up moisture is more than just annoying; it can affect your HVAC’s efficiency. Your unit will begin to work harder thanks to all that extra moisture, causing unnecessary wear and tear. More importantly, a unit that’s working too hard will cause your energy bill to skyrocket.

Is Bigger Better?

Many people think a larger system will cool more efficiently, but don’t chalk your system’s bill up to its size; a larger HVAC may not produce the cooling effect you’re after. Rather, focus on dehumidifying. A dehumidifier that’s installed directly onto the unit will work with the HVAC system to pull moisture from the air — meaning your HVAC won’t be trying to do two jobs at once.


It’s just a fact: your air conditioning needs to run in the summer. But that doesn’t mean your bill needs to double in size. The best way to make sure your unit isn’t working harder than it needs to is by keeping up with routine maintenance. Have the filters and vents checked monthly. If your system hasn’t been inspected within the past year, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. A technician can check for mold, weird smells, and odd sounds.

The humidity and heat are going to affect your commercial air conditioning, but with routine maintenance, you can prevent an expensive bill. All Temp, the air conditioning repair Kissimmee experts, can make sure your HVAC system is running efficiently. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (813) 630-9400. With 24/7 repair service, our experts are here to install, repair, and maintain your commercial HVAC system.

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