How Insulation Helps With HVAC Efficiency


Living in Florida, high energy bills are part of life. Air conditioning systems run constantly at all times of the year. However, there are ways to lower these costs. One way is by adding or updating the insulation in your home. Start with the attic, and be sure to seal any air gaps. Then, you can add insulation to crawl spaces in your home. Here is how adding insulation can improve your air conditioning experience:

Lower Energy Bills

Some amount of heat is going to make its way into your home. However, by adding insulation, you can drastically reduce the amount of heat coming in on hot days and escaping when it’s cold. Investing in an energy efficient HVAC system is a good first step to lowering your electric bill. These systems perform better with the addition or updating of insulation. Most methods of installing insulation are relatively inexpensive, and the investment pays for itself in a short amount of time through reduced energy costs. 

Fewer Repairs Needed

Insulation helps compensate for gaps that your air conditioning system would otherwise overwork itself trying to fill. The harder your AC unit works over time, the faster you’ll see signs of wear and tear. Cooling down or heating up unused space in your home keeps your air conditioning unit tied up in unnecessary work. Adding insulation to that space gives the system less work to do, which will keep it running longer with fewer repairs needed along the way. 

Increased Comfort

For you and your family, the main benefit you will notice when adding insulation to your home is increased comfort. By not allowing heat to come and go through the attic or crawl spaces in your home, you improve the performance of your HVAC system. Your system will more reliably reach the temperatures you set it to, and you can rest easy, knowing your system will run for its full life. 

Installing Insulation 

Due to the way heat travels through buildings, insulating your attic is the most important area that will provide the best return on your investment. More heat travels through the attic than any other area of your home. When properly installed, quality insulation products have many benefits that can improve your quality of life. If you need help with installing insulation, our team at All Temp can answer any questions you have.

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