How to Avoid Common Restaurant Equipment Problems

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Running a restaurant requires attention to detail at many levels while moving at a fast pace. Therefore, it makes sense that sometimes, problems are missed. A leaky faucet, a loose knob, or an oven that takes too long to preheat may seem like tomorrow’s problems. However, small equipment problems turn into big problems as quickly as a customer deciding to send back their food. These are our recommendations for avoiding commercial kitchen equipment issues:

Keep Up With Maintenance

Not keeping up with maintenance is an understandable mistake to make. Unfortunately, failing to maintain heavy machinery leads to costly repairs. No matter how organized you are, no one can expect you to memorize maintenance schedules for all your commercial kitchen equipment. Therefore, our team at All Temp and other service companies offer service plans. Investing in a service plan now and keeping up-to-date on maintenance will keep your equipment running efficiently for a long time.

Train Your Employees

This may seem obvious, but training is an important part of business that falls to the wayside in fast-paced industries. Make sure your employees know about any equipment they touch. How to clean the equipment is especially important, and in most cases, employees won’t arrive with that knowledge. Keeping everything clean and using it properly can prolong the life of all restaurant equipment, from stovetops to walk-in freezers. 

Replace Malfunctioning Parts

If a piece of equipment is broken or not functioning properly, fix it! The longer employees attempt to use workarounds for broken parts, the more likely the machinery is to break. This can not only harm the machinery but also the people using it. It’s just not safe to use broken equipment. Between the liability and the physical cost, there’s no reason to put off replacing non working parts.


Keep the Air Flowing

In a kitchen, HVAC equipment is vitally important. It keeps employees and customers comfortable and safe. Without proper ventilation, smoke and grease from cooking can contaminate the air, which can cause breathing issues or even start a fire. It can also get too hot in the kitchen, which causes discomfort for employees and overtaxes equipment, causing it to malfunction. Make sure to have your HVAC system regularly cleaned and maintained to avoid these issues. Our team at All Temp can help you maintain your commercial HVAC system as well as your restaurant equipment.


At All Temp, we can help with inspections, maintenance, repair and installation of Kissimmee commercial kitchen equipment. We also offer emergency repairs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To learn more about our services, contact us online or give us a call at (407) 857-7800.

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