How to Maintain the AC for You and Your Pets

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As members of your family, your furry friends are always there to provide you with comfort and joy. Living with a pet can be rewarding, but sometimes that reward is not quite what you wanted — a dead critter, a surprise visit, or just a whole lot of dander and fur. As Kissimmee air conditioning experts, our team at All Temp has some advice on maintaining the AC for you and your pets.

Keep Your Pets Happy

The first step to keeping your pets happy, outdoors in the Florida weather or indoors in the AC, is to get them groomed. This will help them regulate their temperatures, which will help them feel great and shed less. The less they shed, the fewer problems you will have with pet hair and dander in the air ducts. Having anything caught in the ducts will cause the AC to have to work harder. When your pets are home, make sure to leave the AC on for their comfort. The recommended temperature is between 78-81 degrees. Cats and dogs have trouble regulating temperature, so air conditioning is essential for their happiness. It may be tempting to just leave fans on, but they do not help animals the same way they help humans. If running the AC is not an option, consider a portable AC system. 

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Keep Your AC Running

Make sure to change your air filters regularly. What “regularly” means could vary depending on how many furry pets you have in the house. We recommend that pet owners change out their air filters every 20-45 days. This will prevent pet hair and dander from getting caught in the filter and decreasing air flow, which can help you save money on power. Along with your filters, make sure your ducts are clean. Clogged ducts breed viruses and bacteria, so leave this task to professionals like our team at All Temp. 

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Keep Your Pets and AC Safe

If it seems like air is leaking out, check your pet door. Make sure it is properly installed so it is not allowing air to escape your home. While the indoor AC is important, you will also want to make sure the outdoor unit is enclosed. When it is out in the open, there is the possibility for dogs to urinate on them or chew up the cables, which could lead to costly repairs. To avoid needing repairs, another important step is to schedule maintenance twice a year. Our team at All Temp can take a look at your system to make sure everything is in working order.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our team of Kissimmee air conditioning experts to schedule routine maintenance or to have us take a look at any issues. We also offer emergency repairs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To learn more about our services, contact us online or give us a call at (407) 857-7800.

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