Ice Machine Spotlight: Manitowoc

At All Temp, we pride ourselves on only working with the best-quality products and manufacturers, which is why our ice machine services include products from Manitowoc Ice. Over the decades, this company has established a strong reputation for producing efficient, long-lasting equipment.

History of Manitowoc Ice

To better understand why we suggest Manitowoc Ice products, you only need to glance at their history. Manitowoc Ice began in 1954 and has used cutting-edge technology ever since, priding themselves on thinking outside of the box to create products of the highest quality.  

Over the years, Manitowoc Ice has continued to outdo themselves. 2011’s Indigo Series introduced Intelligent Diagnostics for 24-hour preventative maintenance and diagnostic feedback for trouble-free operation. In 2013, they showed off their NEO Undercounter, an all-in-one solution with convenience, performance, and intelligence.


One of our favorite characteristics of Manitowoc Ice is their dedication to sustainability. All of their products contain non-CFC refrigerants, which are beneficial for the planet, and the majority are also Energy Star compliant.

Incredible Selection

At All Temp, we appreciate the wide selection of models from Manitowoc, which allows us to customize our service to meet every clients’ needs. They have more than 200 models in their product lineup, ranging in production from 65 to 3,380 pounds of ice daily. In addition to ice makers, Manitowoc Ice makes ice machine accessories, ice dispensers, storage bins, and sanitizing and cleaning items. This selection allows our team to offer excellent services for clients, from choosing the perfect ice machine to selecting the best ice for each client’s company.

Range of Units

Over 200 units in the Manitowoc Ice lineup include options for all types of refrigeration needs. Modular units are highly flexible as they let customers choose the head unit and bin separately for complete customization. In some machines, we are able to install the fan outside your building to keep down noise and give you more space. The lineup includes under-the-counter and countertop ice machines as well as ice machines with beverage dispensers for restaurants, and hotel dispensers and storage bins for filling buckets. Their specialty line is also useful and designed explicitly for correctional and marine applications.

Whether you need a new Manitowoc Ice machine or want to take advantage of our other Tampa ice machine services, don’t hesitate to contact us at All Temp. Call (844)695-2900 or visit our website.  


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