Ice Machine Spotlight: Scotsman

At All Temp, we pride ourselves on offering products from the highest-quality manufacturers. One of the brands we work with for our Tampa ice machine services is Scotsman. We know that we can count on the quality and cost of their products. We can help you select the Scotsman ice machine for your business, install it, and then work with you to maintain it.

Getting to Know Scotsman

We choose to work with Scotsman because of their long history of manufacturing ice machines, as well as their strong reputation as an industry leader. Scotsman Ice Systems was actually the first company to develop reliable, affordable ice machines during the 1950s, and they have maintained their high level of innovation and customer service ever since. They have a wide reach, with over a million ice machines around the world in more than 100 countries.

An Extensive Range

The Scotsman line of ice machines is incredibly extensive. Between the ice machines, dispensers, and bins, they offer more than 300 models, which allows us to connect each of our customers with an ice machine that meets their specific needs. Ice machines from Scotsman include cubers, nuggets, and flakers. Within each of these categories, there are dozens of machines to select from, so you can find a small model for tight spaces, a large model for companies with high production needs, and everything in between.

More than Just Ice Machines

In addition to ice machines, Scotsman also produces a wide range of ice and water dispensers, as well as storage bins. Dispensers include those that only dispense ice, those that dispense ice as well as water, and those in the style that hotels typically require. Storage bins also come in numerous sizes and styles, most of which are modular in order to accommodate various spaces. They even have undercounter units perfect for smaller businesses, and a filtration system that ensures that Scotsman machines produce clean, tasteless ice cubes.

To learn more about our Scotsman products and other Tampa ice machine services, contact our team at All Temp. You can reach us at 813-630-9400 or 407-857-7800 to schedule an appointment and have Scotsman products installed at your business.

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