Ice Machine Spotlight: Vogt

Among the various Orlando ice machine services offered at All Temp, we gladly recommend, install, maintain, and repair Vogt products. This company is an industry leader known for producing high-quality machines that meet our even higher standards.

A Long History

Vogt made a name for themselves in 1938 as the company that invented the very first Tube-Ice Machine of an automatic size. Before this, ice manufacturers manually made the substance in block form. Vogt revolutionized the industry by engineering a Tube-Ice Machine that froze ice automatically within vertical tubes. They would momentarily thaw the ice from tubes and cut it into the desired shape, short cylinders. These cylinders featured a center hole that happened during ice formation.

Machines for All Capacities

Vogt designs their products for commercial use, meaning they are versatile and offer a range of capacities. Vogt products can produce as little as one to three tons daily or as much as seventy tons every day. With their services broken down into five main categories, Vogt is likely to offer a product that will meet your production needs.

Many Models

There are 15 models in the Vogt lineup, including modular options that can work in a range of applications. The HES Series has high-efficiency models. The modular options are also worth mentioning, as you can adjust them to custom fit your space.  With such a wide selection, customers can choose which model best meets their needs.

All Industries

Vogt units are versatile enough to work in a wide range of industries, including baking, dairy, food service, produce cooling, seafood icing, packaged ice, meat/poultry, concrete cooling, chemical and dye, and thermal energy.

Long Lasting

With regular maintenance, Vogt products can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years, an industry-leading figure. By working with the experts at All Temp, you can ensure your product will serve you beyond the industry standard.

If you’re looking for an Orlando ice machine service, our team at All Temp is ready to assist you. To learn more about Vogt machines, gives us a call at 407-857-7800 from the Orlando area.

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