Ice Out the Problem: Frost in Your Freezer

Even with regular maintenance, frost can be a persistent issue in the Orlando refrigeration industry. Luckily, there are solutions available, some of which you can do yourself. Try the following troubleshooting methods and schedule service if you still find you have a problem.

Why Icing Occurs

Before you can work to resolve the frost in your freezer, take some time to understand why this icing occurs. In most cases, the ice buildup occurs as a result of warm humid air within the unit. This warm air may be from old, damaged gaskets or faulty hinges that lead to an improper door seal. You should also confirm that your employees do not leave the door open while stocking.

Buildup by the evaporator coil may be due to fan delay relay failures, which can require the diagnosis of a professional. Ice can also occur from a clogged drain line or old insulation panels that no longer work effectively.

Why Icing Is a Problem

While you want frost, the icing on refrigeration or freezers can damage the products you store within the unit. The ice melting and refreezing may also lead to water entering the freezer’s components, causing further damage. This damage will most likely affect the blades of the evaporator fan. In addition to physical problems, icing can lead to higher operating costs as the interior components must work harder to keep the temperature stable. This increased energy consumption can raise your electric bill. Between the increased energy bill and the damaged food or other items within your fridge, a unit with frost will typically cost your company a great deal of money.

Preventing Icing

Luckily, you can prevent ice from accumulating where you don’t want it. Regularly confirm that the door hardware, gaskets, drains, and insulation panels are in good condition and make necessary repairs. In the case of walk-in freezers, consider installing air curtains to prevent humid warm air from entering. You can also regularly run the defrost cycle.

No matter the cause of the frost in your Orlando refrigeration, the team at All Temp can diagnose the problem. Make an appointment at 813-630-9400 in Tampa or 407-857-7800 in Orlando.

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