The Importance of Maintaining a Constant Refrigerator Temperature

Since you rely on your Orlando commercial refrigeration to ensure your products do not spoil, the appliance must stay at the right temperature. Fluctuating temperatures can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to items that must remain in refrigeration, but you can do some simple things to prevent this from happening.

Why a Constant Temperature Matters

While you know that your refrigerator should be kept within a certain temperature range, you may not realize just how important a stable temperature is. Fluctuating temperatures may indicate a serious issue with your appliance that can get worse if left alone. Of course, there is also the risk that the temperature will fall above or below the recommended range, leading to spoiled food or the growth of bacteria.

Know the Ideal Temperature

Since your refrigeration should be at a constant temperature, you must know what the ideal range is. Most commercial refrigeration will be set for 36 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures lower than this can lead to accidentally freezing, while higher temperatures may lead to spoilage. The FDA requires you store refrigerated products at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or less, but keeping the temperature closer to 38 degrees can make food last longer.

Confirm the Temperature Readings

If you think your fridge has fluctuating temperatures, start by making sure that the thermometer you use to check the temperature actually works. Do not rely solely on the thermostat that is built into your appliance, especially if it sits close to the door. That positioning leads to inaccurate readings every time you open the door. Because of this, experts suggest using a second thermometer placed in a different location of the fridge.

Troubleshooting Fluctuating Temperatures

Fluctuations in the temperature of your refrigeration may indicate a serious problem, but that is not always the case. If you notice the temperature fluctuating, start by confirming that the outlet your appliance uses works properly. You should also consider turning off the fridge for about 30 seconds before turning it back on to see if this helps.

Following those checks, take a look at the compressor, which you should clean at least every 90 days. A dirty compressor may be to blame if you have not cleaned it recently. Try cleaning the component to see if it resolves your problem. You should also ensure that the fridge’s door seals properly, as any drafts entering can lead to fluctuating temperatures.

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