Increasing HVAC Efficiency

Whether you are a home or business, one of your goals should always be to improve the efficiency of your appliances. An HVAC system that works more efficiently will save energy, help the planet, and reduce your electricity bill. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to deliver improved HVAC efficiency.

Opt for Demand-Controlled Ventilation

Try improving the efficiency of your air conditioning system with demand-controlled ventilation. This system uses economizers and carbon dioxide sensors to keep the air levels within the ideal range without over-ventilating. Since overventilation causes excessive energy consumption, this type of system can dramatically improve efficiency.

Use Energy Recovery Ventilation

Energy recovery ventilation, or ERV, uses the energy from exhausted air to precondition the air that comes in. These systems help maintain your comfortable air levels, while reducing the needs of the HVAC system.

Seal Your Ducts

If you have not done so recently, take the time to seal all of the ducts. Sealed ducts prevent leakage which can lead to a great deal of wasted energy. Remember that you must regularly check the system for any leaks as these can develop over time.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Just like any other item with moving parts, your HVAC system requires regular maintenance to function at its optimal levels. At regular intervals, have a trained professional take a close look at your system to confirm that everything works properly. Ideally, you will have a check-up for the air conditioning system scheduled for before the peak summer temperatures hit, so that you are able to stay cool even in the extreme Florida heat.

Maintain Foliage Around the Unit

You may think that having foliage around your air conditioning unit is a good thing as it provides shade, but it actually does the opposite. Too many bushes or other plants right by the HVAC system can decrease its efficiency by blocking air flow. Additionally, the moisture that comes with foliage can hurt your indoor air quality. Therefore, by trimming back trees and bushes, you can help your HVAC system run better.

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