Is It Time to Replace Your Commercial Refrigerator?

The food industry can be a hectic business that constantly keeps you on the move. Don’t apologize for running a successful business, and don’t allow high demand to allow you to overlook the important things, like upkeep for your Orlando commercial refrigeration. Functionality expectancy varies by model, but the average commercial refrigeration unit typically lasts between 10-17 years. Schedule regular maintenance to ensure that your business is operating at its greatest potential, and know the signs for when it’s time to replace your unit.

Regular Maintenance

Scheduled upkeep is recommended in order to ensure that your refrigeration unit is functioning properly. There are some simple checks you can conduct yourself in the morning before you open your business. Test the door hinges and the gasket by opening and closing your fridge, double checking that the door is sealing properly. Every six months, take apart your unit’s icebox and clean it before reuse. De-clog your condenser fan of any debris that may be blocking it. Check refrigerant levels and monitor temperature to avoid food spoilage. Clean out your fridge often to prevent overcrowding which will allow for better air circulation. Throw away spoiled food to prevent contamination. As always, reading your manufacturer’s manual will greatly assist in providing regular maintenance.

Signs You Need Assistance

If you open your fridge and are greeted with a foul smell every time, your unit’s cooling mechanism may not be functioning properly. Other signs of this include frost buildup, water puddles around your refrigerator, or never hearing your compressor running. Your unit could have a number of malfunctions, from a clogged drainage hose to a broken gasket. If your fridge is too loud or making clinking noises, your unit’s motor may need replacing. Commercial refrigeration units are large and complex. An error could prove to be very costly. All Temp will provide you with a trained technician to give you a permanent solution.

The food service industry is fast-paced and highly demanding in Orlando, and commercial refrigeration is essential to the business. Ensure that your unit is running properly by maintaining a plan for upkeep. Don’t allow your commercial refrigeration problems to become overlooked, and don’t allow room for costly mistakes. Call All Temp at 407-857-7800 to schedule service for your commercial refrigeration unit today.

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